IT Consulting

I am available for IT Consulting work.

My strengths are Linux systems administration (LPI-1 Certified), free software solutions, and internet technologies.

I have experience in ubuntu, drupal, Google apps for your domain, MoinMoin, and Search Engine Optimizing.

I am interested in working in any of the above areas but also with thin clients, and VOIP.

Please contact me if you are interested.


TMV Control Systems Inc.

Living Worship
  • Drupal 5.0
  • SEO
  • Google Apps for your domain
  • Volunteer work
  • WordPress 2 CMS/Blog
  • phpbb2 forum
  • php gallery software
  • Custom theme work to integrate software packages

Conestoga College Student Chapter of IFMA

Freedesktop Meta Tracker
  • Volunteer work
  • Drupal 5.0
  • Some SEO
  • Volunteer work
  • Static HTML
  • I only did the initial design, it is now under control of the developer.

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