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So currently I have completed 6 of the 11 Christmas parties we do almost every year. (9-11 christmases a year)

  1. Work Christmas Party
  2. Service Provider Christmas Party
  3. Business Unit Christmas Party
  4. Living Worship Christmas Party
  5. Mom’s Side Extended Family Christmas Party
  6. My Parents Christmas Party
  7. Candice’s Parents Christmas Party
  8. Our Christmas Party
  9. Dad’s Side Christmas Party
  10. Candice’s Dad’s Side Christmas Party
  11. Candice’s Mother’s Side Christmas Party

So yeah. We do all that, take one additional day off for us (we
may go for a massage) and back to work. Ridiculous.




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When ever I walk through the PATH on my way home from work I feel like a corvette stuck behind a sea of smart cars.


XKCD: Flow Chart

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Flow Chart
Flow Chart

This is awesome.


Mobile blogging

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So I’m standing on the upper level of the 5:19 GO train heading home. If I have to stand, I usually go to the upper level because then I can get a seat after the first stop. It still takes a while though, and what with it being dark outside, and quite well lit inside it turns the windows into mirrors and gives you little context as to where you actually are. Well that’s enough one handed blackberry typing.


General Motors deserves to live

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This is a response to this post “General Motors deserves to die” by my friend Daniel.

Ok, I hate to say it but I think GM has already done their worst and is actually rather quickly climbing the ladder to greatness.

GM was/is the worlds largest car company and had been resting on their laurels for way too long. Back in the late 80’s (possibly early 90’s) they made some awesome vehicles. Their trucks were unstoppable, the Caprice was a tank, and my Dad’s van was still worth a few grand after having 380,000 km put on it (the A/C still blew cold too yet).

Since then they really started to descend into crap. Basically settling to the bottom of the cesspool with about the generation of sunfire/caviler my friend Daniel owns. GM’s “cheapest” product in every sense.

Also compounding this is GMAC, the financing arm of GM, and actually their greatest source of income (yes, over and above the actual selling of the vehicles). Ideally for GMAC, GM should make vehicles that run perfectly (or with minimal problems) for 3-5 years (the duration of a standard lease or financing deal) and then fall apart, causing the consumer (victim?) to have to establish another financing deal, hopefully with GMAC again. (I hate these conflicts of intrest that big corporations seem to get themselves in) (cough, windows Live OneCare, cough)

So yeah, that GM deserves to die. But not the GM of today. Since then GM has been having more and more problems selling vehicles. They keep losing out to the imports. But heck they are the worlds largest car company, if anyone can compete, it’s GM.

Cool new things GM is doing:

  • The Volt (Agreed that GM is late to the party, but they are now committed. And I think it’s a good idea)
  • Bye Bye Saturn: GM is now just rebadging Opel’s from Europe instead of having yet another brand. And Opel’s are awesome cars. Check out the Astra.
  • GMC Acadia, Chevy Transverse, Buick Enclave: This car based SUV is reported to be GM’s best product ever. It’s solid, reliable, fuel efficient, powerful, and awesome in so many other ways.
  • Cobalt SS: In a recent Car & Driver this car bested the Lancer Ralliart, the Mazdaspeed3, and the Impreza WRX. Very impressive considering their past history.
  • Chevy Malibu: This is an awesome family sedan. Looks great, drives great, fuel efficient, and (so far) reliable. Very strong competition for the Camry/Accord.

So yeah, no definite proof that GM should live, but a few reasons why we should wait. They have turned over a new leaf and are doing better. If they can survive the economic crisis and the immense weight of their unions I think were in for some exciting vehicles.

But yes. Junk your crap car and buy something better.


Top 9 worst uses of Windows

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So, PC World Austrialia just published an article on the “Top Ten worst uses of Windows“, but they are quite wrong in one aspect, Locomotive control systems.

Normally I would have just skimmed through the article, but when I hovered over the link to the Locomotive Control System (number 5 in the list) I noticed that it linked to the QES-III system from Qtron-Wabtec.  Which just happens to be the company my Father used to work for and the system he designed for them.

It definitely doesn’t run windows. I remember him telling me about the custom real time operating system/application he programed for that system and about the positively tiny/slow processor in the system. I mean the graphing calculator I had in high school was faster then that processor. But that doesn’t really matter at all when it came to locomotive control systems, as it was plenty fast enough for everything it needed to do.

2-3 years ago my father started his own company, TMV Control Systems, as a partnership with Brookville Equipment Corporation, a railway supplier in Brookville, Pennsylvania. He’s developed a new locomotive control system for them and it’s being integrated into everything from passenger locomotives, rail yard switching locomotives, streetcars, and sweet new multi-engine fuel saving locomotives.

So yeah, it is definetly possible that Microsoft inflitrated other locomotive control systems suppliers but not Qtron-Wabtec (with the QES-III) or TMV Control Systems.



Google Browser Sync has been discontinued

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Hello Peter Cannon,

As you do not have any easily accessable method of leaving comments on your blog I’ll respond to your post via this post.

In response to your post: Firefox 3 not supporting GoogleSync, I give you this piece of news: Google Browser Sync Discontinued, No Firefox 3 Support.  Sorry, There will never be a FF3 extension.

Lifehacker does give you some recommendations for replacement products.

Hopefully your blog does do linkbacks or this “answer” will just be lost in the blogosphere.