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IFMA Toronto’s new Director of IT

In Facility Management,IFMA,Typical on 2008-03-07 by petervk

So, I’m a member of IFMA (International Facility Management Association). It’s a professional association for facility managers (well duh), and it does all the typical things a professional association does, certifications, events, publications, and local chapters.

Back in college (over 7 months ago…) I was a founding member of the Conestoga College student chapter of IFMA (IFMA Conestoga) as their director of public relations. Really all I did was their IT (setup their webpage, e-mail, etc) and did not do all the PR stuff I should have, but it was a good experience and I enjoyed it. The past President of IFMA Conestoga, had joined the Toronto chapter of IFMA (IFMA Toronto) almost right out of school and soon was on their board. Well, guess what, they were looking for a new IT Director, and now that’s me.

So as the new IFMA Toronto IT Director I’m going to revamp their backend process for event management, mass emailing, member only services (job postings, etc), and whatever else IT related. Currently their website is pretty good, so check that out. If you are a facility manager in the Toronto area (GTA) please come check out one of our events (and then become a member).