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Living Worship

In God on 2006-07-25 by petervk

So, I’m actually posting. Great.

One of the things that continually saps all my free time (Aside from school, my wedding, IFMA, and the internet) (yes, the internet. Its like a time black hole) is my involvement in Living Worship. I’m their resident technical geek doing sound, and website stuff.

Living Worship is basically a praise evening that myself and 8-10 other people put on about every 10 weeks or so. (Candice, my fiancee plays piano) You could call us a band, but we are more about the evening then playing together. We’ve had 4 Living Worship events so far and were committed to keep doing more.

Something we recently decided to do was get a real web site. So, we now have Please check it out and leave comments either on the site itself (as currently it is basically just a blog) or in our forum.

We’ll hopefully get some images on the site soon of our past events so you can kind of get a feel for what we are. (and what we look like)
Were currently planning our next event for late October 21 & 28. Keep checking for updates.



Reformed Engaged Encounter

In God,Typical on 2006-06-12 by petervk

So, Candice and I just came back from the "Reformed Engaged Encounter". It took place at Kuyper College in Grand Rapids MI, last Friday till Sunday. (June 9-11) Its kind of like a marriage encounter for engaged people, and it was great. We really had a good time (Including the 6+ hour drive there and back) and we would greatly recommend it to anyone. If your engaged, or planning on getting engaged someday (and who doesn't) this is a great way to find out more about your fiance and have a lot of time to talk about all aspects of married life. Their slogan is, "A wedding is a day, a marriage is a lifetime" and this is really true. I'd really recommend going. I love Candice even more because of it and I am really looking forward to spending the rest of my life with her.

  • 88 days left!
  • World Cup: Netherlands won their first match! But they are up against the Ivory Coast next, and I hear they are good.
  • Lesson Learned: chmod is a very dangerous tool, you can kill your linux computer in less then 10 seconds if you start to fool around with this. (Working on a new hard drive also is a good idea instead of messing with the existing setup)
  • Dial up internet was invented in hell by the devil.