Contest to increase your Google Pagerank

In Computers, Typical on 2009-02-24 by petervk

Check this out:

The poster is using a contest to increase his page rank. Genius. He says he currently get’s 300 page views a day, but by having all of his readers post the link to their own blog I’m sure this will skyrocket. I’m guessing several thousand people will view the page, and a couple hundred will register. (39 comments so far) For $240 (if he had to pay full price for the bible, and it seems like it was given to him) I feel this is a great investment.

I’d suggest this tactic to others hoping to increase their traffic/readers/pagerank.
1. Establish a base set of readers
2. Buy/get a valuable prize
3. Have readers post link to blog to register for contest, and comment with link to their blog post (forward and back links really help pagerank)
4. Give away prize to someone
5. Enjoy the vastly increased traffic and pagerank of your site

At least this guy doesn’t have ads all over his site so it currently doesn’t look like its about money and it is about getting people to read the blog.


2 Responses to “Contest to increase your Google Pagerank”

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  2. This sounds like a great way to boost your traffic. Maybe I will try something similar.

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