Google Browser Sync has been discontinued

In Computers, Typical on 2008-06-18 by petervk

Hello Peter Cannon,

As you do not have any easily accessable method of leaving comments on your blog I’ll respond to your post via this post.

In response to your post: Firefox 3 not supporting GoogleSync, I give you this piece of news: Google Browser Sync Discontinued, No Firefox 3 Support.  Sorry, There will never be a FF3 extension.

Lifehacker does give you some recommendations for replacement products.

Hopefully your blog does do linkbacks or this “answer” will just be lost in the blogosphere.


One Response to “Google Browser Sync has been discontinued”

  1. 4 Months later, still better late than never 😉

    I picked up your post via Googles Webmaster tool. I’ve been using Foxmarks for some time now so the ‘GoogleSync’ is no longer required.

    As for ‘comments’ on my site no they are not enabled I’d spend all day cleaning up the insults 🙂

    Peter Cannon
    AKA dick_turpin

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