Firefox 3 Download Day

In Computers, Typical on 2008-06-17 by petervk

So, as mozilla just DDOS’ed themselves with this whole download day thing, you can’t actually access their site to participate. Unless you bypass their fancy webpages and go straight through their awesome mirror service.

Firefox 3 download link

That link will automatically send you to a local server and allow you to download firefox 3 and contribute to the amazingly huge bandwith bill mozilla is racking up.


(Of and to be offical you have to download it before 1:00 pm tomorrow. The offical 24 hours started today at 1:00 pm Toronto time)


2 Responses to “Firefox 3 Download Day”

  1. Thanks!
    Was wondering why only RC3 was available on the link sent via emails, they should have seen this coming.

  2. […] promotional acion. Everyone who participated knows that huge expetation and intrest resulted in a massive strain on Mozilla’s download mirors, downloads had to be suspended for a period of time and […]

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