In Rant, Typical on 2008-02-11 by petervk

So, I had a Monday this morning.

Got up at 6:40, did all the usual morning stuff and out the door at 7:10. (Awesomely fast am I) Tried to back the car out of the driveway but the rear caliper on the driver side won’t completely release, so I turn around in the parking lot across from our house, park the car and go back into the house to ask Candice to drive me to the Go station

Doing this means I miss the 7:25, and the next train is not till 8:00. (the rest of the morning the trains are 10-20 minutes apart, this is the only 35 minute gap. Also the 8:00 makes two more stops then the 7:25 so really it gets me to work 50 minutes later.)

My awesome wife drives me to the station just in time for the 8:00. But the 8:00 has been canceled, next train 8:14 and it’s an all stops one which means it takes the longest possible time to get to union. And it’s late, 25 minutes late.

Finally get on the train and I phone into work to tell them I’ll be in a bit late and as I’m describing the car problems, the canceled train, and the late train the people across from me start laughing. Really, I thought it was kind of funny too.

The train went extra slow all the way in to union (turning off the heat halfway there so it slowly got colder and colder) and arrived 35 minutes late.

I took the subway, walked up the tunnel, made my way through the queens park complex, and sat down at my desk at 10:10.

I was planning on getting there by 8:30.



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