GT5, Moulin Rouge & The Big Bang Theory

In Typical on 2007-12-11 by petervk

So, last night, sitting on the couch on my laptop while Candice was watching Moulin Rouge on TV. Through my vast amount of feeds in Google Reader I stumbled upon a trailer for the much hyped Gran Turismo 5 (a PS3 exclusive title).

I was watching it when I said “Man, this game looks so awesome it makes me want to buy a PS3 just to play it”

Candice says: “Thats a game?”

Now I must admit, she probably wasn’t watching that closely, but really, the game does look that good.

Moulin Rouge is crazy. It won oscars for Costumes and Art and if you watch it for 30 seconds you’ll see why.

The Big Bang Theory

New show this season, they only got 6 episodes done before the idiotic, greedy producers decided to be idiotic and greedy. (surprise, surprise!) But anyways, cbs has full episodes online, reruns are being aired right now, and torrents are available. Watch it, its funny as heck and a great show. I hope the writers strike doesn’t kill it.


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