In Typical on 2007-01-02 by petervk

is really cool. Should have tried it ages ago.

See my profile here

I’d recommend signing up and trying it out. Its really cool how connected everyone is.


3 Responses to “Facebook…”

  1. psh, facebook. I hate it because one time all my friends got invited to a party on facebook, but I don’t have facebook so I got left out, just cause I don’t have face book. It is now my lifelong duty to not like facebook.
    of course, I said that same thing about blogs so many moons ago.

  2. That you did. I hate to get you addicted, but if your friends have facebook, its way better then a blog. Keeps you better connected.

  3. that may be true, good sir, but I like to be disconnected. My blog is a way that I can express my ideas without confrontation. The less connected, the better, that’s what I always say.
    Another thing I say is “always be contrary just because”

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