Duck !

In Typical on 2006-11-12 by petervk

Brittni baked Ryan and I a “Duck !” cake.

Thanks Brittni!


5 Responses to “Duck !”

  1. yeah, that was an amazing cake.

  2. um… what is that behind the duck?

  3. hey peter….happy belated birthday!
    thats one nice cake

  4. i think the point of the duck is that theres nothing behind it.
    and it was a duck! cake, not a duck cake

  5. HAHA peter, you know that you get the most comments when the post is about something that i did. oh man oh man.
    except all the comments are from me, and that proves i have no life.
    craaaaaaaaap, i’m gonna make a rabbit! cake for thursday i think

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