Of Fridges

In Typical on 2006-11-04 by petervk

So, our old fridge kills (killed) all our vegetables.

It would slowly freeze them, causing them to be mostly inedible.

Murdered Vegetables

(Murdered Cucumber, Baby Carrots, Mixed Greens, and Broccoli)

Enter: New Upside-Down Fridge…

New Upside-Down Fridge

No more murdered vegetables!!!!

We’re now going grocery shopping to fill this new wonderful fridge!


2 Responses to “Of Fridges”

  1. YES!!! It’s beautiful, darling…I can taste the veggie vitamins already!

  2. peter, you have the most boring blog ever. especially because the only person who comments is your wife. who you live with. but nice fridge anywyas, now that you have vegatables you won’t get fat.

    (sorry i’m so mean)

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