In Typical on 2006-08-18 by petervk

So, I am officially done my third year of school. Amazing how good it feels now that I’m done.

This last week has been intense. I’ve spent over 51 hours already this week at school finishing up projects. I’ve completed 2 30% final projects, one 30% final exam, and many other lose ends.

I must admit this last semester has been one of the worst I’ve ever participated in, filled with frustrations and seemingly useless classes and work. Now that it’s over I will say that I did learn something, but I still don’t think it was worth the time and money. Most of the learning has been how to control feelings and anger and just deal with it.

Next semester is starting to look better though (something at the root of a lot of frustrations has been rumoured to change…)

And there is Co-op! I’m going to be working once again at the ORC (Ontario Realty Corporation) in the beautiful southwest office. What with how school was I’m almost looking forward to my Government job and its “one step forward, two steps back” way of doing things. Oh well, It will be good just on the basis of I’ll be getting paid for it, which is something I’m seriously missing right now.

Woah, I just almost forgot my wedding. I’m such a dumb a$$. I’m getting married in 22 days to the most amazing person I have ever met. I really can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with my best friend.

Oh well, enough of that. I’ve got to go eat something, I’m starving.


2 Responses to “Done!”

  1. WOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!
    I’m so happy you’re done school and yeah you’re getting married soon to someone SOOO amazing! Lucky guy.

    See ya sat.

  2. hey peter, now you should write something like

    “hey everybody, i’m married now”

    uhh, cause that would be cool

    how’s the plunger working out for you?

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