Monday – Last week of school

In Computers on 2006-08-14 by petervk

I should really be working.

First thing, I’m trying a new way of posting, Drivel. Its a program for Linux that allows you to post without going to the wordpress dashboard and dealing with all its slowness. Kind of cool.

Drivel Screenshot

Graphics Cards:
Don’t buy ATI. Currently Intel is the way to go.

HP Debian Support. All I say is yes! IBM, Intel, HP, Novell have their heads on straight.

Ubuntu 6.06.1 released!. There has never been a better time to convert to Linux. A ton of fixes are now included in the point release.

Hardware Virtualization Slower Than Software This makes sense to me. Software virtualization has been around for many years now, and there has been a lot of money invested in it, and the hardware people are paranoid, so they do things the slow & safe way.

Wireless n
Don’t buy any Wireless n products. Basically there is no common spec or draft and anything you buy now could easily be completely incompatible with everything 6 months from now. Wait till 2008. Sorry.

Sweet Photos
Nathan Vander Klippe’s Photos. My Cousin who works for Global news in Yellowknife. Sweet photos of a blizzard and New York.

The Hierarchy of Programmers
Hierarchy of Programmers. Funny. At the bottom of the list would be the Not-Programmers like me.


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