Brittni – Update

In Typical on 2006-07-04 by petervk

So, Brittni seems to be doing fine. They finally hooked her up with a “pain-pump” so she can control the morphine, and that seems to be helping. She’s kind of out of it most of the time.

We got to see a picture of what the back brace will look like and it doesn’t really look that bad. Its way better then the full body cast that they used to do.

As Candice and I are getting married in 67 days, and that is less then 12 weeks, Brittni will still have to wear the back brace for the wedding (as she is one of Candice’s Bridesmaids), but Mrs. Boven said that she would make any modifications that were needed for free. But, one of the doctors said that she may be able to take the brace off for a day by then. I don’t know how we are going to fit the dress if we can’t take the brace off till then, but lets hope. Pray for quick healing.

So, yeah. Thanks for all your prayers. She should be coming home by next weekend.


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