Hate MS Word / Publisher for laying out reports? Try Scribus.

In Computers, Linux on 2006-06-20 by petervk

So, people in my class regulary go on Microsoft Word / Publisher hate rants, because of its horrible handling of images & text boxes. Publisher is better then Word, but it really doesn't have the power of a real layout package. Now of course, I agree with them on Word and Publisher sucking, but I really don't have the same problem.

I use Scribus for anything that relies on layout. Scribus is a professional layout package that runs on almost any computer. (there are windows, mac, and Linux versions) Its not incredibly user friendly, but its not hard to use either. So if your willing to give it a try, I'd recommend it.


Windows users:

  1. Download and install ghostscript. (This is required by scribus to run)
  2. Download and install Scribus.

Ubuntu Linux users:

Terminal method:

type: "sudo apt-get install scribus"

Easier method:

  • Click "Add-remove applications" at the bottom of the Applications menu.
  • Navigate to the "Graphics" section, and check Scribus to install.
  • Click the OK button.

Yay! you've just installed Scribus!

You can either just try it out, or follow this tutorial: Getting Started With Scribus

Additional documentation can be found on their website:

List of How-to's on their wiki:

So, I just freed you from part of Microsoft's monopoly on everything. Your welcome.


One Response to “Hate MS Word / Publisher for laying out reports? Try Scribus.”

  1. No Publisher is the biggest piece of crap ever made – word by comparison is only a small turd… please lobby to UN to have PUBLISHER BANNED it is evil and must be stopped now .

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