Waste of a morning…

In Rant, Typical on 2006-06-05 by petervk

So, I just wasted a morning. Really frustrating.

I am currently a very lazy student. I have school this summer, but for only 4 days a week. I have every Monday off. This is really nice, and I do my best to be productive. But today it really didn't work out. I got up on time, I went to school. I was checking my daily websites and e-mail, when the school's ISP had a major hardware failure. Now this I didn't know, so thinking it was just the internet connection being crappy like it often is, I decided to wait a bit to see if it would come back online. Well it didn't.

I couldn't e-mail Candice the directions I promised her. I couldn't research how best to make the resume posting service for our student chapter website. I couldn't even answer Art's last e-mail.

So after farting (screwing?) (hanging?) around in the library and on the college website (it was still up as it is internally hosted) for 2 hours (!) I gave up, went home, picked up my nice clothing for the gala tonight, and went to Candice's place where I am now stealing their internet. (I really enjoy stealing internet, especially blazingly fast Cogeco internet)

So, yeah. Waste of a morning.

Oh, I did get the ministry of transportation to not think that I still own a 1992 Acura Integra worth $3,425. (I wish) (I got the wreckers to pick it up for free almost a year ago) Woo Hoo!

P.S. 95 days left!


2 Responses to “Waste of a morning…”

  1. So big brother
    I didn’t even know you had a blog -much less 4 of them. Wait…maybe I knew about that goat one?
    Anyway, did you know I have a blog?
    just wondering.
    I’m proud of you for picking up that jerk’s garbage. I don’t think i would have. But I pick up the garbage my classmates drop at school all the time. perm papers, masses of mannequin hair, fuzzy stuff…it’s pretty gross actually.
    Talk to you sometime when you are home. 🙂 🙂

  2. I know how you feel… we just got the CS server upgraded yesterday afternoon. I couldn’t get at any of my files, email, Internet… I was reduced to having to use the library internet for a bit. Rough times. =P

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