Why am I so tall?

In Typical on 2006-05-30 by petervk

So, just for the unenlightened, I am 6' 7" tall. That's 200.66 cm! So, freakishly tall.

Part of being this tall is the amazing fun shopping for cars, pants, shirts, and beds. I have great insight into where to find pants that are almost long enough (as compared to pants that really are not long enough), shirts that almost fit me, and cars that I won't have to fold myself up more then twice to fit in. (Contact me for this secret info!)

But as I mentioned before, shopping for bed's is also fun. And that happens even less often then cars. Currently I sleep on a long twin (80"). Now for you smart people, you probably calculated out that 6'7" is a total of 79", so a typical long twin, queen or king bed at 80" long "should" fit me. But your forgetting about my feet. I am blessed with size 16 water-skis attached to my ankles. So I really can't fit an 80" bed. To make my current bed work I have the mattress pushed off the box-spring and a big king size/body pillow shoved in the space.

But I'm getting married. Sharing a twin bed will not work.

So Candice (my Fiancee) and I went shopping for a mattress. According to our research, along with the typical King, queen, twin, double and single bed sizes there is a "California" king, queen, and sometimes twin. These beds are almost the same as the regular sizes, but are at least 4" longer. Also, for the California King, it is much more popular in the states, so getting sheets, and other bedding "should" not be as difficult. (That's another story)
To make this a bit shorter, we purchased a California king mattress from Payless Mattress in Cambridge. (They gave us a deal, shop around, but I'd recommend them) Its a full 6' wide by 7' long. I've never seen a mattress so big. It just barely fit into my parents full size Chevy van. Its sitting at home, willing me to start working on the frame to fit it.

Being this tall is often an adventure. You normal height people are lucky. Every time you wish you were taller, add a disclaimer. ", but please, not quite as tall as Peter."


7 Responses to “Why am I so tall?”

  1. I like being knee high to a grasshopper most days 😛 Aahaah..

  2. ya.. best first post ever! that was funny. hi i’m sarah… laura & justine’s friend… i was at fireworks that other day. do you ever get annoyed with people asking you how tall you are? do you ever get annoyed with people asking you “do you ever get annoyed with people asking you how tall you are?”? do you ever…… nevermind.

  3. Actually, its my third post.
    But whatever.

  4. Peter… I feel your pain! Hi. I’m julie.. Laurs freakishly tall friend. Yes I’m dutch. Yes I get sick of people asking me how tall I am. Yes I hate it when strangers ask me to reach things for them in stores. Yes my boyfriend is taller then me (so he says :p) I do believe tall men have it easier though… you dont have to worry about everyone thinking your a hussy when you wear a skirt… even though you got the longest one you could find and wern’t trying to show off to much leg… AND you dont have to subject your fashionable self to wearing heals (lets hope) therefore making you even taller then the somewhat tall heal wear people…

    The point is.. you are not alone my tall friend. I feel your pain… although I never really thought about the matteress problem, I just sleep with the blankets untucked and my feet sticking off the end… although that is a little drafty.

    Ooh… what cars do you recomend? 😀

  5. oh sorrrry. best third post ever!

  6. Peter… you know I feel your pain, even if I’m 0.5″ and 3 shoe sizes smaller =P

  7. I have a Mazda Protege. It fits me well. Often Hondas fit tall people. The biggest thing is to look at the seat.

    Some of the more feature rich trim levels come with a much better seat that can adjust to fit tall people much better. The seats with the knobs on the side that adjust the height of the front and back of the bottom part of the seat are really good. I guess what I’m saying is that don’t go sit in a base civic and give up on them. An Si, or a DX may have a better seat that fits tall people better.

    Oh, and size of the vehicle doesn’t really mean much. Most full size pickups are big on the inside, but our full size chevy van really does not have that much leg room.

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