People are Jerks

In Rant on 2006-05-26 by petervk

So, I went out to McDonalds for lunch yesterday, (by myself, I'm a loser) and after getting my meal through the drive through, I parked in a spot in the parking lot to eat my delicious McChicken sandwich. Just before I finished my meal I noticed that the guy two spots over from me (eating his meal in the parking lot, alone) (loser) was looking around. So I glanced at him. (Mercury Marquis, early 1990's, ugly red, decent condition, a fuel waster) and looked away. Then as I was having another bite of my grease sticks, I mean fries, I heard his door open and close. I glanced again and his McDonalds bag was sitting on the pavement next to his car. I almost couldn't believe it. (Well, I can believe it, the world is full of stupid people, and this just reinforced that.) I just stared at him as he proceeded to back out of his spot, drive over his garbage, and leave the parking lot. I felt like giving him the finger. I didn't, but it was hard.

So yeah. People are Jerks.

Yes I picked up his garbage.


3 Responses to “People are Jerks”

  1. sooo, welcome to the world of blogging, dear.



  2. Thanks Beautiful.


    I can’t wait to check this .. maybe you’ll update more than BEAUTIFUL *cough*hint hint*cough 😉

    Oh my stars.. can you have a smaller font.. FLIP!!!

    Ciao man.

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